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Maurus is a Latin given name. It can refer to:


  • Servius the Grammarian, commentator on Vergil sometimes called Maurus Servius in medieval manuscripts
  • Manfred Maurus (died 2008), German scientist
  • Maurus of Salerno [de] (c.1130 - 1214), medical writer and teacher
  • Mister Maurus, an archetypical school teacher developed by Anton Hansen Tammsaare
  • Sylvester Maurus (1619-1687), Italian Jesuit theologian
  • Kuber (Maurus the Kuber), brother to Tervel's father Asparukh and son of Kubrat Kaghan of Patria Onoguria
  • Maurus, religious name of secret agent monk Alexander Horn

Other uses[edit]

  • The inhabitants of Mauretania, ancient kingdom and late Roman province
  • Maurus, a genus of gossamer-winged butterflies

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