Maverick (song)

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D'espairsRay - Maverick.jpg
Single by D'espairsRay
Released February 12, 2003
March 26, 2003 Reissue
Recorded Bazooka Studio
Genre Alternative metal
Industrial metal
Length 17:51
Label Maniac Records
Writer(s) lyrics: Hizumi
Music: Karyu
Producer(s) D'espairsRay
D'espairsRay singles chronology
"Ori no Naka de Miru Yume"
Alternative cover

"Maverick" is a single released by D'espairsRay on February 12, 2003. It was re-released on March 26, 2003, coming in a DVD-case rather than a normal jewel case. This is also the last release by D'espairsRay on which their name is stylised as "+D'espairsRay+".

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Hizumi.

No. Title Music Length
1. "Maverick" Karyu 5:31
2. "Sou -Bloodymarry- (葬~bloodymarry~?)" Karyu & Tsukasa 1:05
3. "Marry of the Blood" Karyu 4:38
4. "Yami ni Furu Kiseki (闇に降る奇跡)" Karyu 6:36
  • The songs "Marry of the Blood" and "Yami ni Furu Kiseki" were re-recorded for the Born EP
  • The Born versions of "Maverick" and "Yami ni Furu Kiseki" were remastered for their greatest hits album, Immortal
  • The song "Yami ni Furu Kiseki" was remade for the Horizon single
  • Only 5000 copies were pressed at first. There were even less copies pressed for the second pressing; only 3000 copies.
  • The song "Marry of the Blood" appears on the band's B-side compilation album, Antique.