Mavrovo, Mavrovo and Rostuša

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View of the village of Mavrovo.
St Nicholas Church (1850).
St Nicholas Church (1850) in the summer.

Mavrovo (Macedonian: Маврово [ˈmavrɔvɔ] (About this soundlisten)) is a village and tourist resort in the mountainous region of western Macedonia. It is located in the Mavrovo and Rostuša municipality. Mavrovo is a destination for tourists throughout the year because of its skiing centre, national park and lake. There are weekend houses, inns and hotels offering accommodation for tourists all year round.[citation needed] The St Nicholas Church in Mavrovo was built in 1850. It was submerged in the local lake in 1953, but due to droughts in the 21st century it has largely appeared out of the lake.

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Coordinates: 41°39′N 20°44′E / 41.650°N 20.733°E / 41.650; 20.733