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Max Briant Miller (February 23, 1937 – January 17, 2011) was an American journalist, photographer and film producer. His film Youthquake! won the Golden Globe Award for Best Documentary Film at the 33rd Golden Globe Awards.[1]

His father was producer and inventor Max O. Miller.[2] He attended Los Angeles Valley College, UCLA, and Sherwood Oaks College. Miller wrote about cinema for American Cinematographer and other publications, and he owned and managed Fotos International.

A longtime Hollywood Foreign Press Association member, Miller served on their board from 1974 to 1982, and became chairman of the HFPA board in 1976 as well as a second term.[3]

Miller committed suicide by gun the day after the 68th Golden Globe Awards.[4] According to TV Guide, "Miller was depressed over his divorce and financial problems." Several obituaries noted that Miller's photography company was denied a place on the red carpet at that year's Golden Globes, where he had been a member for 44 years.[5][6]


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