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Max Lehmann (19 May 1845, in Berlin – 8 October 1929, in Göttingen) was a German historian.

He studied philology and history at the universities of Königsberg, Bonn and Berlin, receiving his doctorate at the latter institution in 1867. In 1879 Lehmann began to teach in the Berlin Military Academy, and in 1887 was made a member of the Prussian Academy. A year later, he succeeded Max Lenz at Marburg as a professor of history. In 1893 he was appointed to a similar position at the University of Leipzig, and later the same year, relocated to the University of Göttingen as a professor of medieval and modern history.[1][2] Famed Polish historian Szymon Askenazy wrote his doctoral dissertation under Lehmann's supervision (1894).

Gravesite of Lehmann at the Stadtfriedhof in Göttingen.



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