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Also known as Max Normal
Origin Cape Town, South Africa
Genres Trip hop, alternative hip hop, experimental hip hop
Years active 2001–2002, 2005–2008
Labels Runway Music, Chameleon Records
Associated acts Die Antwoord, The Constructus Corporation, Jack Parow
Members Watkin Tudor Jones
Yolandi Visser
Neon Don
Justin De Nobrega
Past members Simon Ringrose
Mark Buchanan
Sean Ou Tim
Jakob Basson

MaxNormal.TV (formerly Max Normal) were a four-piece South African music group that formed in 2001 and eventually evolved into Die Antwoord. The group's name was taken from a comic book character in the Judge Dredd comic of the same name.[1]

Early days[edit]

Watkin "Waddy" Tudor Jones was part of South African hip-hop scene for many years, fronting such acts as The Original Evergreen, whilst Simon "Sibot" Ringrose and Sean Ou Tim were household names in the electronic music scene[citation needed]. Mark Buchanan and Sean Ou Tim were veterans of the music industry, each being involved with numerous experimental, and many successful South African bands over the years. In the year prior to the formation of Max Normal, Jones released his debut solo album Memoirs of a Clone, which featured the band on some of the tracks. Due to the success of the album, a second album needed to be released, this time using the entire band. The album, Songs From the Mall, was released on 23 July 2001. Both albums were produced, recorded, and mixed by Adrian Levi, the head of Chameleon Studios.


Max Normal was formed in 2001 by Mark Buchanan (electric bass/electric guitar), Sean Ou Tim (drums/keyboards/samples), Simon Ringrose (turntables/backing vocals) and Watkin Tudor Jones (vocals/programming). Max Normal fused various elements ranging from hip-hop and jazz, through to electronica, into a highly spontaneous theatrical performance that took South Africa by storm. They performed at various festivals around the country, including Up the Creek, Splashy Fen, and Oppikoppi. They also had a very successful tour in Europe, where they played in London, as well as three shows at the world-renowned Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium, which was a huge success. It was stated that Nelly Furtado joined Waddy on one of his tracks.[2]

Disbandment of Max Normal[edit]

The last performance of Max Normal was as the support group for Faithless at a 2002 performance in Cape Town. Jones later disbanded the group and moved to Cape Town, where he started The Constructus Corporation while the other band members started Chromoscience. The final appearance of the band again was in 2005 on the Fantastic Kill album, on a track called The Organ Grinder. In 2005, Jones revamped the band into the 'corporate' hip-hop group "MaxNormal.TV." It was stated The .TV was added to differentiate between the bands as Jones said he was tired of being asked when Max Normal was coming back, and because his former collaborators did not wish to rejoin the band.[3][4]

The second incarnation of the band was introduced as a "multimedia" project as the band released a host of toys called Chommies,[5] short films and various other merchandise. During this time, to promote the new Max Normal, Jones was selected to design for Oppikoppi 2007, which was based around one of his stuffed toys and partially based on the Dassie.[6] In early 2008, the final Max Normal release Good Morning South Africa was bought out and the band broke up soon afterwards, to concentrate on Jones' new project Die Antwoord. As a footnote of what was to come of Die Antwoord, the album Good Morning South Africa gave out certain references as various lyrics, ideas and beats were used on the debut web release of $O$. The album Donker Mag would later also reuse the song "Moon Love" from "Good Morning South Africa."



  • 2001 Songs From The Mall (as Max Normal)
  • 2008 Good Morning South Africa


  • 2007 Rap Made Easy

Other Appearances[edit]


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