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For the German weightlifter, see Max Walter (weightlifter).

Max Walter (born 1899 – died 1945) was a Slovak chess master.

Born in Pressburg (Pozsony, Bratislava), then Austria–Hungary, he began his chess career in Czechoslovakia, after World War I.

Max Walter won Czechoslovak Chess Championship at Pardubice 1923.[1] In other tournaments, he took 2nd, behind Endre Steiner, at Piešťany (Pistyan) 1922, took 14th at Ostrava (Mährisch-Ostrau) 1923 (Emanuel Lasker won),[2] tied for 6-7th at Györ 1924 (Hungarian Championship, Géza Nagy won), tied for 6-7th at Bratislava 1925 (Richard Réti won), and shared 2nd, behind Réti, at Kolin 1925 (Quadrangular).[3]

He won, ahead of Balázs Sárközy, at Budapest 1926, tied for 10-11th at Bardejov (Bartfeld) 1926 (Hermanis Matisons and Savielly Tartakower won), tied for 7-9th at Trenčianske Teplice (Trentschin-Teplitz) 1926 (Boris Kostić and Karl Gilg won), shared 1st, but took 2nd place at České Budějovice 1927 (CSR-ch, Karel Opočenský won), took 4th at Znojmo 1927 (Opočensky won), tied for 7-8th at Trenčianske Teplice 1928 (Kostić won), took 10th at Brno 1928 (Fritz Sämisch and Réti won), tied for 4-5th at Liptovský Svätý Ján 1930,[4] took 3rd at Prague 1931 (CSR-ch, Leo Zobel won),[1] tied for 10-11th at Sliač (Bad Sliac) 1932 (Salo Flohr and Milan Vidmar won),[5] and took 8th at Teplice (Teplitz-Schönau) 1937 (Gilg won).[6]


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