Maxilla Blue

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Maxilla Blue
OriginDes Moines, Iowa
GenresHip hop
Years active2006–present
LabelsCentral Standard/ Galapagos4
MembersAeon Grey
Asphate Woodhavet
Dj TouchNice

Maxilla Blue is an American hip hop trio based out of Des Moines, Iowa formed in 2006, consisting of the Emcee Asphate Woodhavet, Turntablist Dj TouchNice, and Hip hop producer Aeon Grey.

Their debut eponymous album was released May 6, 2008 by Central Standard Records, an Iowa-bred underground label co-founded by Aeon Grey. The album set the tone for subsequent works, establishing an approach which consistently includes a significant portion of the work presented without vocals, providing an overall presentation of an instrumental and poetically commentated piece.

The vocal pieces are known for dynamic use of voice and often esoteric wordplay unique to the track paired with it, which at times, has been known to lead non-familiar listeners to assume that multiple vocalists play a part in the work. To date, no featuring of any other vocal artist has appeared on a Maxilla Blue record, as all production and turntablism has also been exclusively provided by Aeon Grey and Dj TouchNice. Members of the group have noted no intention of altering this trend, publicly stating that it is unnecessary to feature external components to create their sound. Each member has, however, participated in numerous side-works with other artists to create pieces under various titles. As the approach and presentation has remained intact, each subsequent release has carried the self-titled attribute, distinguished only by the numbered volume. It is said that were it not for the necessity of distinguishing the releases from each other for distributive purposes, the trio would have released each record simply as "Maxilla Blue," leaving the familiar listener and general consumers to differentiate the body of work.

Through tour-work, the group has appeared live in the Midwest, Mountain, West coast and Southwestern U.S regions, Germany and France.

Vol. 2 was released June 15, 2010, also on Central Standard Records, marking the first edition of the ongoing series to be presented to the public as a vinyl LP as well as compact disc and digital form.

Vol. 3's retail release date of February 28, 2012 marked the 5th collaborative work from the trio and the 3rd of the self-titled series. The third installment was completed as a split release between Central Standard Records and Galapagos4. Joining the likes of Qwel & Maker, Typical Cats, Qwazaar & Batsauce and various other underground rap and hip hop production veterans, Maxilla's most recent work is again presented in the 3 aforementioned formats.

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  • 2008: Maxilla Blue
  • 2009: BumRap: Underpass Logic (Also ft. prod from Bashir)
  • 2010: Maxilla Blue Vol. 2
  • 2011: BumRap: Median Risers (Also ft. prod from Bashir & The Shovel Kids)
  • 2012: Maxilla Blue Vol. 3


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