Maximum Jee&Jee

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Maximum Jee&Jee
Maximum Jee&Jee.jpg
Studio album by Eppu Normaali
Released 17 April 1979
Genre Punk Rock
Eppu Normaali chronology
Aknepop Maximum Jee&Jee
(1979)Maximum Jee&Jee1979

Maximum Jee&Jee is Eppu Normaali's second album, released on 17 April 1979. The album cover was inspired by The Who's gig poster Maximum R&B.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Kaljanlanttauslaulu (Song [about] diluting beer)
  2. Njet njet (Nyet nyet)
  3. Myrkkyä (Poison)
  4. Lainelautailevan lehmänmaha rock'n'roll (The surfing cows stomach rock`n`roll)
  5. Pidetään ikävää (Let's have a bad time)
  6. Radio (Radio)
  7. Science fiction (Science fiction)
  8. Kamat lujilla (Speaker's on loud)
  9. John Fogerty (John Fogerty)
  10. Jee Jee (Yeah yeah)
  11. Pop pop pop (Pop pop pop)
  12. Kuolleet kakarat (Dead children)