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Cool Pool
Developer(s) Sierra Entertainment

Cool Pool, also marketed as 3D Ultra Cool Pool is a 3D pool computer game by Sierra. It has an online playing feature. This game offers classic pool games such as eight-ball and billiards[clarification needed] but it also includes its own fantastical pool games such as Chameleon Ball and Mad Bomber, which use elements that cannot exist in real life such as color changes and explosions. This game also allows you to go online and go one on one against other pool players and offers text based chat while you play.

On August 16, 2007 Sierra shut down the public pool game servers used by 3D Ultra Cool Pool[clarification needed] and Maximum Pool.[clarification needed] "Online Forever" is a project started at which aims to keep Cool Pool and Maximum Pool running online. With the help of a patch, the game will see the public pool rooms now being hosted by members of the community. Both Cool Pool and Maximum Pool can be patched to see these pool room servers.

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