List of Mayors of Ashland, Kentucky

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Mayor of The City of Ashland, Kentucky
Stephen E Gilmore

since January 3, 2017
Term length 4 years
Formation 19th century

The Mayor of the City of Ashland, Kentucky is elected for a four-year term and is not term limited. The mayor presides over City Commission meetings, is a voting member of the City Commission and represents the city at major functions. The current mayor is Chuck D. Charles.

The City of Ashland operates under a City Manager form of Government. Under this form of government the people of Ashland elect a Mayor and four Commissioners, who together, make up the Board of Commissioners, which possesses the legislative and executive powers of the city. The Mayor, as a member of the board, presides over all meetings, calls special meetings, and executes all bonds, notes, contracts, and written obligations authorized by the board.

The Mayor and four commissioners are elected by the citizens to act as their representatives in all legislative matters. Their primary duties are to enact ordinances and make polices that are for the ultimate good of the community as a whole. The mayor is elected for a four-year term and the Commissioners are elected for two-year terms. In home rule class cities with the City Manager form of government non-partisan elections are mandatory.[1]

List of mayors[edit]

Mayor Term Began Term Ended Political Party
Henry Bishop Brodess 1876 1881 Republican
John Means 1881 1882 Republican
William Wirt Culbertson 1882 1883 Republican
William Henry Harrison Eba 1883 1883 Republican
Thomas Russell 1883 1886
William Worth Patterson 1886 1889 Republican
Patrick Moriarty, Jr. 1889 1889
David A. Fisher 1889 1892
J. C. Whitten 1892 1894
Thomas S. Newman 1894 1897
William Arthur Ginn 1897 1906
Joseph Oscar Matthewson 1906 1910
Dr. Albert Harrison Moore 1910 1913
J. M. McCleary 1913 1913
William Arthur Ginn 1913 1914
Dr. William Monroe Salisbury 1914 1917
Henderson Richardson Dysard 1917 1921 Republican
Dr. William Monroe Salisbury 1921 1925
William M. Nicholson 1925 1926
William B. Whitt 1926 1926 Democrat
Ernest E. Ramey 1926 1927
Charles F. Weaver 1927 1928 Republican
William Carl Frailie 1928 1932 Republican
Edgar Browne Hager 1932 1935 Democrat
William C. Simpson 1936 1940 Republican
Henry Davis Shanklin 1940 1943 Democrat
Clyde Roland Levi 1944 1947 Republican
William C. Simpson 1948 1951 Republican
David Aronberg 1952 1955 Republican
Wilburn Caskey 1956 1959 Democrat
David Aronberg 1960 1964 Republican
Wilburn Caskey 1964 1968 Democrat
Charles Henry Gartrell 1968 1972 Democrat

Notes and references[edit]