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McFee may refer to:

  • Allan McFee (1913–2000), often irreverent announcer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio and TV networks
  • Bruce McFee (born 1961), Scottish politician
  • Henry Lee McFee (1886–1953), pioneer American cubist painter and a prominent member of the Woodstock artists colony
  • John McFee (born 1950), American singer, songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist
  • June King McFee (died 2008), contributor to the world of art education, with her research and publications
  • Malcolm McFee (1940–2001), English TV and film actor
  • Michael McFee, poet and essayist from Asheville, North Carolina
  • Oonah McFee (1916–2006), award-winning Canadian novelist and short story writer
  • Shane McFee (born 1978), one of the guitarists of the American heavy metal band Backmask
  • William McFee (1881–1966), writer of sea stories

See also[edit]

  • McFee Bridge, high above the St. Marys River, near the Canadian Rockies International Airport and the Shadow Mountain Golf Community
  • Joel McFee Pritchard (1925–1997), Republican politician from Washington
  • McAfee
  • McPhee