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For persons named McHale, see McHale (surname).
A McHale baler

McHale is a firm manufacturing a range of farm machinery. McHale is located in the West of Ireland in the town of Ballinrobe, which is approximately 40 km North of Galway City. McHale manufacture numerous products including Integrated Baler Wrappers, Balers, Wrappers, Bale Handling Equipment, Shear Grabs and Bale Splitters.


In 1970 the firm started off as McHale Farm Machinery, a retail farm machinery dealership, which is still in existence today.

In the early 1980s McHale Engineering was founded by brothers Padraic and Martin McHale. The reason for forming this firm was that the brothers saw a need for machinery to cut silage in the West of Ireland. At the time machines, which were being imported, found it hard to deal with the grass type in the area. As a result, the brothers decided to design a machine, which would do a better job. The firm's range of machinery would be better equipped and sturdier for the rugged Irish conditions. The first product was a Silomac Blockcutter. A range of slurry pumping equipment followed this.

The late 1980s saw McHale manufacture its first round Balewrapper and take the brave step to specialise in this area. In the early years a lot of time was spent developing this product in line with end user requirements. The company subsequently developed a range of round bale wrappers for field and static wrapping. McHale saw that the future in agriculture lay in the round and square bale markets.

McHale established a dealer network in the UK and also began to export machines to Europe in 1990 which was to lead to McHale's rapid future expansion.

In 1994 McHale expanded beyond Europe and the first machines were exported to Australia. By now, McHale was becoming a market leader and recognised name in the market.

McHale produced their first square bale wrapper in 1995. It was launched on the market. From here the company developed a range of Square wrappers for field and static wrapping.

McHale actively began to pursue the New Zealand Market in 1996. However machine had been working here since the early 1990s when customers had imported them from Europe proving that the machines were highly regarded throughout the world.

In 1999 McHale build a purpose built production facility to cope with the increased demand for its product.

McHale entered the baler market in 2000 with the introduction of a combined baler wrapper the McHale Fusion. This machine consisted of a heavy-duty baler with an integrated wrapping ring. The machine had a patented bale transfer which gives a positive transfer and a number of key selling points. One such key selling point was the elimination of the need for a second tractor and operator for wrapping the bales.

McHale developed a fixed chamber baler (the McHale F550) from the Fusion design two years later in 2004. This baler shares 85% of the components of the Fusion.

McHale provide a considerable amount of employment in the West of Ireland.

McHale Today[edit]

McHale integrated wrapper

McHale Engineering now exports 90% of its equipment to over 44 different countries across five continents.

McHale has ISO9002 accreditation and has made significant investments in the latest production technology - CNC laser cutting equipment, robotic welders and the latest CAD - CAM design and manufacturing systems.

McHale Products[edit]

McHale manufactures numerous products today including:

Integrated Baler Wrapper

  • Fusion 3

Fixed chamber balers

  • F5400
  • F5500
  • F5600

Variable chamber balers

  • V660

Round bale wrappers

  • 991 HIGH SPEED
  • 991bjs
  • 991BE
  • 991BC
  • 991TBER
  • 991LBER
  • 991LB
  • HS2000

Square bale wrappers

  • 998
  • 995LM
  • 995TSR

Bale Handlers

  • 691bh
  • R5
  • 601BH

Shear Grabs

  • 115 Blockcutter

Bale Splitters

  • 994BS


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