McIntosh Presbyterian Church

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McIntosh Presbyterian Church
McIntosh Hist Dist Presby Church01d.jpg
McIntosh Presbyterian Church
General information
Architectural styleCarpenter Gothic
Town or cityMcIntosh, Florida
CountryUnited States
Construction started1907
ClientCenter Point Church
Technical details
Structural systemwooden
Design and construction
EngineerBuilder: unknown

The McIntosh Presbyterian Church is an historic Carpenter Gothic style Presbyterian church located at 5825 Avenue F, corner of 7th Street, in McIntosh, Florida in the United States. The church was founded in 1885 as Center Point Church and the present building was built in 1907 and its name was changed to McIntosh Presbyterian Church on November 11, 1908. The church has gabled sidewalls facing each street. Each of these sidewalls features a large triptych lancet window. The main entrance is in a corner-facing bell tower set a 45 degree angle to the sidewalls.[1][2]

In 1989, the McIntosh Presbyterian Church was listed in A Guide to Florida's Historic Architecture, published by the University of Florida Press.[3] It is also a contributing property in the McIntosh Historic District.

McIntosh Presbyterian Church is still an active church in the Presbytery of St. Augustine. Thomas Lane is currently its Commissioned Lay Pastor.[4]


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Coordinates: 29°27′01″N 82°13′11″W / 29.4502488°N 82.2198201°W / 29.4502488; -82.2198201