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McWane Science Center
McWane Science Center is located in Alabama
McWane Science Center
Location within Alabama
Established 11 July 1998 (1998-07-11)
Location Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Coordinates 33°30′54″N 86°48′30″W / 33.515079°N 86.808378°W / 33.515079; -86.808378
Type Science
Key holdings Fossils
Collection size 500,000+

The McWane Science Center (formerly known as the McWane Center) is a science museum and research archive located in downtown Birmingham, Alabama (United States). The state-of-the-art science center, aquarium and 280-seat IMAX Dome Theater is housed in the historic and refurbished Loveman's department store building. It opened to the public on July 11, 1998.

Inside are more than 9,000 square feet (800 m2) of interactive exhibits, including the Challenger Learning Center of Alabama, created in memory of the Space Shuttle Challenger Flight 51-L crew. The World of Water exhibit showcases more than 50 species of marine and freshwater aquatic life.

The Alabama Collections Center is the home for more than 500,000 artifacts from the former Red Mountain Museum. The center houses precious minerals, fossils and Native American artifacts. Highlights in the collection include the world's fourth-largest collection of mosasaurs; the Appalachiosaurus (similar to Tyrannosaurus); and the state fossil of Alabama, the Basilosaurus cetoides (an 80-foot (24 m) fossil whale).

The McWane Science Center is named after the McWane family and McWane, Inc. both of which helped fund the center.

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Coordinates: 33°30′53″N 86°48′30″W / 33.51477°N 86.808262°W / 33.51477; -86.808262