Meï Teï Shô

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Meï Teï Shô is a French music band playing jazz, afrobeat and dub.

Band's name[edit]

Meï Teï Shô

This japanese term describes the trance-like state that follows the ingestion of too much rice. That's what the band is trying to obtain with their music: evolutive and repetitive.

Musical description[edit]

Meï Teï Sho is a music to listen to as well as a music to dance to. It is the fruit of a multitude of cultures, reflected in the languages used, the lyrics, the style, the energy and the musicians themselves. Based on a repetitive pattern, the musicians add improvisations, instrumentals and vocals, producing this energetic musical style.




  • Maxi (2000)
  • Xam Sa Bop (2001)
  • Live (2002)
  • Remix mini LP (2002)
  • Lô Bâ (2004)

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