Me Mammy

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Me Mammy
Genre Sitcom
Created by Hugh Leonard
Starring Milo O'Shea
Anna Manahan
Yootha Joyce
Ray McAnally
David Kelly
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 21
Running time 30 minutes
Original network BBC1
Original release 14 June 1968 – 11 June 1971

Me Mammy is a British sitcom that aired on BBC1 from 1968 to 1971. Starring Milo O'Shea, it was written by Hugh Leonard.


Me Mammy first aired as pilot within the seventh series of the BBC's Comedy Playhouse. The pilot and first series were made in black-and-white. Despite playing his mother, Anna Manahan was only two years older than her on-screen son played by Milo O'Shea. Many of the episodes are missing and presumed wiped. Only the first episode of the first series and the third series survive.[1]



Bunjy Kenefick is an Irish mother's boy living in London. He is a top executive of a company and lives a bachelor lifestyle. However, his old-fashioned Catholic mother often puts a stop to his plans, many of them involving his girlfriend Miss Argyll. Other characters include Father Patrick, often mocked for his dubious morality, and Cousin Enda.


Pilot (1968)[edit]

Series One (1969)[edit]

  1. "The Day We Blessed the Bench" (15 September 1969)
  2. "The Day Verilia Went to Pieces" (22 September 1969)
  3. "The Night Me Mammy Snuffed It" (29 September 1969)
  4. "The Day the Saints Went Marching Out" (13 October 1969)
  5. "The First Time I Saw Paris" (20 October 1969)
  6. "The Day Concepta Got England" (27 October 1969)

Series Two (1970)[edit]

  1. "The Night Miss Argyll Got Canonised" (7 August 1970)
  2. "Me Mammy's Tomb" (14 August 1970)
  3. "The Night We Saw Old Nick" (21 August 1970)
  4. "The Last of the Red-Hot Mammies" (28 August 1970)
  5. "The Night Edna Entered a Convent" (4 September 1970)
  6. "The Night I Left the Church" (11 September 1970)
  7. "The Morning After Finnegan's Wake" (18 September 1970)

Series Three (1971)[edit]

  1. "The Day We Went Dutch" (23 April 1971)
  2. "The Night The Banshee Brought Me Home " (30 April 1971)
  3. "The Day I Got Engaged" (7 May 1971)
  4. "The Day I Went Commercial" (14 May 1971)
  5. "The Sacred Chemise Of Miss Argyll" (21 May 1971)
  6. "The Mammy Murder Case" (28 May 1971)
  7. "How To Be A Mammy in Law" (11 June 1971)

Surviving episodes[edit]

Series No' Ep No' Title Broadcast Notes
Series 1 Episode 1 The Day We Blessed the Bench 15/9/69
Series 3 Episode 1 The Day We Went Dutch 23/4/71
Series 3 Episode 2 The Night The Banshee Brought Me Home 30/4/71
Series 3 Episode 3 The Day I Got Engaged 7/5/71
Series 3 Episode 4 The Day I Went Commercial 14/5/71
Series 3 Episode 5 The Sacred Chemise Of Miss Argyll 21/5/71
Series 3 Episode 6 The Mammy Murder Case 28/5/71
Series 3 Episode 7 How To Be A Mammy-In-Law 11/6/71


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