Meatballs 4

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Meatballs 4
Meatballs four.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Bob Logan
Produced by Donald P. Borchers
Ken Halloway
Kris Krengel
Written by Bob Logan
Starring Corey Feldman
Jack Nance
Sarah Douglas
Bojesse Christopher
Music by Steve Hunter
Cinematography Vance Burberry
Edited by Peter H. Verity
Distributed by Moviestore Entertainment
Release date
  • March 6, 1992 (1992-03-06)
Running time
84 min
Country United States
Language English

Meatballs 4 (also known as Meatballs 4: To the Rescue) is a 1992 film that was the fourth and final installment to the Meatballs series of films. It was shot in its entirety at Bass Lake, California in the late summer of 1991. Originally conceived as a comedy-drama titled Happy Campers, the project was retooled after production had begun to be part of the Meatballs franchise.[1][2]


Ricky is the hottest water-ski instructor around and he has just been rehired by his former employer/camp to whip up attendance. However, the camp is in serious financial trouble and the owner of a rival, more popular, camp wants to buy them out. Thus, the two camps engage in a winner-take-all competition that will settle the rivalry once and for all.



  1. ^ "Meatballs 4 (1992): Did You Know?". The Internet Movie Database. Retrieved 11 December 2012. The film was originally entitled "Happy Campers" but just before its scheduled release, the producers changed the name to "Meatballs 4" in an effort to cash in on the popularity of the "Meatballs" franchise. 
  2. ^ Harris, Will (10 December 2012). "Random Roles: Corey Feldman on child actors, his favorite roles, and the Goonies sequel". The A.V. Club. Retrieved 11 December 2012. 

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