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Studio album by Sons of Butcher
Released 2006 (2006)
Genre Rock music
Sons of Butcher chronology
Sons of Butcher
(2005)Sons of Butcher2005
'Left Behind Volume Two'
(2006)Left Behind Volume Two2006

Meatlantis is the second released album from the Canadian rock band Sons of Butcher. It features 18 tracks, all of which have been played in the Sons of Butcher TV show.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Meatlantis
  2. Action Reaction
  3. Here To Rock
  4. Party's On
  5. Love Baster
  6. Made Love By The River
  7. I Need An Arm
  8. Whip 'Em Out
  9. F The World
  10. Fuck Producers
  11. Panty Dropper
  12. Doug In Space
  13. Free Shit
  14. Suite: Bad Touch
  15. Ultimate Drinking Song
  16. Sneakin' In
  17. Razors
  18. Meatlanis Reprise (with an untitled hidden track)