Mecklenburg G 3

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Mecklenburg G 3 (IX)
Number(s) 350–357
(DRG 53 7701–7705)
Quantity 8
Year(s) of manufacture 1887–1895
Wheel arrangement 0-6-0
Axle arrangement C n2
Length over buffers 15,176 mm
Service weight 39.94 t
Adhesive weight 39.94 t
Axle load 13.31 t
Top speed 45 km/h
Driving wheel diameter 1,350 mm
No. of cylinders 2
Cylinder bore 450 mm
Piston stroke 630 mm
Boiler Overpressure 10 bar
Grate area 1.53 m²
Evaporative heating area 124.8 m²
Tender 3 T 10.5

The Mecklenburg Class G 3 was an early German steam locomotive operated by the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg Friedrich-Franz Railway. Formerly the Class IX it was a copy of the Prussian G 3.


In total, there were eight G 3's in the Mecklenburg fleet, which had been built between 1887 and 1895. Of these two originally came from the Lloyd Railway, Neustrelitz - Warnemünde. The engines had a steam brake and an outside valve gear of the Allan type. Five engines were intended for transfer to the Deutsche Reichsbahn, to be numbered 53 7201 - 53 7205.

The locomotives were given Class 3 T 10.5 tenders.

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