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FUNTORO MOD system in bus

Media on demand(MOD) is a new generation of Video on demand(VOD), which not only allows users to watch/listen video and audio content like movies and TV shows, but also provides functions including real-time information,interactive games, attractions guidance, route information, advertising system, shopping & ordering service etc.Users can select content whenever they want, rather than having to watch it at a specific broadcast time.

In transportation industry MOD technology was first applied by FUNTORO, which offer MOD as in vehicle infotainment to bus & railway passengers through high-definition interactive monitors embedded in seatback or armrest.[1][2][3]

Some telecommunication companies offer MOD service by transmitting digital signal to set-top box that is connected to television screen or another display devices of individual homes and users. Clients are required to pay a monthly fee to get access to a bundle of multimedia content.[4]

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