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Use the form below to send an e-mail to this Wikipedia editor. Your own e-mail address (which you have set in your user preferences) will be passed to this editor in the "From" header, so he or she can reply. Do not send this e-mail if you do not wish your current e-mail address to be disclosed to the recipient. You can instead communicate with this editor through their user talk page.

Remember that:

  • Unless you are discussing a confidential subject, it is usually better to leave a message on the editor's talk page.
  • Editors may not regularly check their inbox. Be patient when waiting for a response.
  • Sending e-mail generates a notification to the user by default. Optionally, you may leave a user talk message so they know to check their mail. cf. {{You've got mail}}
  • Remember to give the exact title of articles or pages you refer to, or include a direct link.
  • The message is sent as plain text. Wiki markup (such as [[links]]) and HTML code will not work.
  • To repeat, your email address WILL be disclosed to the recipient.
  • If the recipient replies by e-mail, their reply will be sent to your e-mail inbox, not to a Wikipedia page. Please check your inbox for their reply.
  • Wikipedia makes no guarantee of confidentiality for messages sent by this system. Do not send information by email that you would not want published on the internet.

A private log will record that your e-mail has been sent, and this log can be inspected by certain privileged users in order to prevent abuse. This log does not identify the recipient, title, or contents of your email (though in cases of extreme abuse, Wikimedia Foundation staff can verify the recipient account).