Medici column

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Medici column

The Medici column is a monument in Paris, France, located in front of the Bourse de commerce.


The column was built in 1575 by Jean Bullant at the request of Catherine de' Medici.[1] It is believed it may be a tribute to Henri II, who was killed after a prediction was made by Nostradamus. Catherine also had a love for astrology and when Nostradamus left Paris, she asked to have the column built so that Cosimo Ruggieri could use it.[1]


The fluted column is 28 meters high. Inside are 147 spiral steps which leads to a viewing platform. It used to have a glass roof. Now the platform is covered with an iron frame. The four corners of the columns top match the four points of a compass. The column was not an original part of the plan when Catherine de' Medici was planning the building of her home, Hôtel de Soissons, to which the column connected.[1]


Located near the Métro stationsLouvre - Rivoli and Les Halles.


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Coordinates: 48°51′45″N 2°20′34″E / 48.86250°N 2.34278°E / 48.86250; 2.34278