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Medininkai can refer to several things in Lithuania:

  1. Medininkai, a village in Lithuania
  2. Medininkai Castle, a castle in the village
  3. Medininkai Incident, when Soviet OMON killed seven and critically wounded one Lithuanian border guards
  4. Medininkai Gate, an alternative name for Gate of Dawn in Vilnius
  5. Medininkai Highland, a highland in southeastern Lithuania and Belarus
  6. Medininkai glaciation, a glaciation in the Middle Pleistocene period
  7. Medininkai Reserve, a reserve established in 1974 to protect arnica montana and other rare plants
  8. Varniai, city in Lithuania, was previously referred to as Medininkai
  9. Medininkai Land, a medieval administrative unit in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The capital was Varniai, then known as Medininkai
  10. Battle of Medininkai, a battle in 1320 between the Teutonic Knights and Samogitians. Took place near Varniai