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MegaTech #1, XMAS 1991
Editor Paul Glancey
Steve Merrett
Julian Rignall
Categories Video game magazines
Frequency Monthly
First issue XMAS 1991
Final issue 1994
Company EMAP
Maverick Magazines
Country United Kingdom
Language English
ISSN 0964-5764

MegaTech (sometimes styled with the katakana メガテケ) was a publication from EMAP aimed specifically at the Sega Mega Drive gaming market. The magazine was started in 1991.[1][2] The launch editorial consisted of a small team including Paul Glancey (editor) and Mark Patterson (deputy editor). It was published on a monthly basis.[3] In 1993 the magazine was acquired by Maverick Magazines.[1] It ceased publication in 1994 when it was merged into Mega magazine.[2]


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