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The start and end points of the zip line in the Mega Adventure Park in Sentosa, Singapore

Mega Adventure Park - Singapore is located on the picturesque Sentosa Island, host to Singapore’s main attractions. Mega Adventure operate the world famous MegaZip flying fox, that spans 450m, where you fly at 60kph over the jungle and beaches of the Island. Furthermore, there are 3 additional activities that include a 36-obstacle treetop ropes course, a 15m MegaJump free fall simulator, and a rock-climbing wall.



The main attraction is a 450-metre (1,480 ft) zip-line which takes participants from the peak of Imbiah Hill, 75 metres (246 ft) above ground level and at a speed of up to 60 kilometres per hour (37 mph), across a jungle, a beach, the sea, and ending on a man-made island off Siloso Beach. Participants are connected to the zip-line by a customized "zipper" that rolls them down the line from the start to the end.


MegaClimb is an obstacle course consisting of three levels of aerial ropes installed around eucalyptus trees 15 metres (49 ft) high. Participants are provided with full-body harnesses and are connected to continuous belaying systems. The course has 12 obstacles per level, and includes confidence gaps, horizontal ladders and mini flying foxes.


MegaJump is a simulated parachute jump. Participants experience the sensation of a free fall from jumping off a 15-metre (49 ft) tower while connected to a power fan descender that ensures a soft and safe landing.


The MegaWall is a 16-metre (52 ft) climbing wall, one of the highest in Singapore, with three different routes to the top. Under the supervision of climbing instructors, participants are safely belayed to the top, and then abseil back down the wall.


MegaBounce is based on a simple trampoline with the added feature of a system of elastic "powercords" that allows participants to make higher-than-normal jumps safely – they can "bounce" up to 10 metres (33 ft) into the air.


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