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The Megama Duo
Genres Jewish, Country
Years active 1978 (1978)-1980s[1]
Members Moshe Yess, Shalom Levine

The Megama Duo was a Jewish country band consisting of Moshe Yess (d. 2011) and Shalom Levine (d. 2013).[2] The name Megama is Hebrew for "direction."

Yess was a native of Canada who worked as a musician and arranger for several well-known American pop music artists.[3] In the 1960s Yess shared stages with David Crosby, Jefferson Airplane & The Association. As a solo performer he played Las Vegas, Reno, and other hot spots.[2] In 1978 he moved from Hollywood, California to Jerusalem, Israel and formed the Megama Duo with Shalom Levine.[1] Yess recorded twelve albums and four children's music videos in all.[2]

Yess's and Levin's goal in creating Megama was to communicate the beauty and values of Judaism through American-style music. They toured for more than three and a half years. One tour, which consisted of 32 shows in 29 cities, lasted 42 days. "My Zaidy" was Megama's biggest hit. The well-known disc jockey of the WEVD radio station in New York, Art Raymond, claimed that it was the most requested song he had in eighteen years of broadcasting. [4] [1]


The Megama Record

G-d Is Alive And Well In Jerusalem


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