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Background information
Chinese name 郭婕祈
Pinyin Guō Jiéqǐ (Mandarin)
Born (1985-08-16) August 16, 1985 (age 33)
Taipei, Republic of China
Origin  Republic of China (Taiwan)
Occupation Singer, Dancer, Host, Actress
Years active 2005–present
Label(s) Warner Music Taiwan Ltd.2008-2009
Associated acts Hey Girl
Ancestry Chinese and Japanese

MeiMei Kuo(Chinese: 郭婕祈; pinyin: Guo Jie Qi) is an actress and a member of Taiwanese girl band Hey Girl (formerly Hei Se Hui Mei Mei). Her birth name is Kuo Chieh Chi (Chinese: 郭婕祈; pinyin: Guō Jiéqǐ). MeiMei is the younger sister of Ulzzang model JieJie.[1]



  • Channel V
    • 《Blackies》(我愛黑澀會)
    • 《Popular in House》(流行 in House)
    • 《Pop Beauty Wind》(美眉普普風)
    • 《Lollipop》(模范棒棒堂)(Assistant Host)
  • TVBS-G
    • 《Entertainments News - Beauty Bao Bao》(娛樂新聞 ─ 美眉ㄅ ㄠ ˋㄅ ㄠ ˋ)
  • China Television(Taiwan)
    • Guess》(我猜我猜我猜猜猜)(Assistant Host)
  • Others
    • 《2007 Taipei Most HIGH New Year City Soiree》(2007台北最HIGH新年城跨年晚會)
    • <<Garena Talk>>(DJ Garena Talk Talk>


  • Edwin Jeans
  • New Zu Chivalry(新蜀山劍俠) Online
  • Hi-Chew(「嗨啾」軟糖)
  • Cheng-Hsien Gyrus Sushi(爭鮮迴轉壽司)
  • Le tea cherry soda(「樂堤」cherry微發泡蘇打)
  • KnightsBridge Clothes
  • Pandora's Sweety Wardrobe Clothes(潘朵拉的甜蜜衣櫥服飾)
  • Maybelline Moisturizing Lip Stick(媚必臨水唇膏)
  • Yuskin Hand Cream
  • Maidenform


Music Video[edit]

  • 《male servant》男傭
  • 《I Love Blackies》我愛黑澀會
  • 《Shining Kiss》
  • 《doll of the sunny day》晴天娃娃
  • 《Shake it Baby》
  • 《the show of brown sugar》黑糖秀
  • 《blissful buble》幸福的泡泡
  • 《call sister》叫姊姊
  • 《OOXX》
  • 《girl》女生
  • 《Storehouse Ma Thatta》哈庫呐瑪塔塔


Drama/TV Series[edit]

Date Channel Name Role Functions
2007-07-15 FTV(民視)
Star Taiwan(衛視中文台)
Brown Sugar Macchiato》(黑糖瑪奇朵) MeiMei(as herself) Heroine
2007-10-06 Show) Here Comes Brown Sugar》(黑糖來了) MeiMei Heroine
2008-07-26 Star Taiwan(衛視中文台) The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries》(黑糖群俠傳) Guardian Saintess(聖女護法) Supporting actress

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