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Language(s)Irish Gaelic
Region of originIreland

Mehigan is an Irish surname. It comes from the Irish Gaelic name Ó Miadhacháin which derives from "Miadhach", which means "honourable". There are over a dozen variations on the surname, including Meighan, Meaghan, Mehegan, Megan, Meegan and Meehan.

Notable people with the surname Mehigan include:

Those with the Meighan variation include:

Those with the Meighen variation include:

  • Arthur Meighen (1874–1960), Canadian lawyer and politician who became Prime Minister, after whom the following locations in Canada are named:
  • Isabel Meighen (1882–1985), the wife of Arthur Meighen
  • Lillian Meighen Wright (1910–1993), Canadian philanthropist, and daughter of Arthur and Isabel Meighen
  • Maxwell Meighen (1908–1992), Canadian financier, and son of Arthur and Isabel Meighen
  • Michael Meighen (born 1939), Canadian lawyer, cultural patron and former senator, and son of Theodore Meighen
  • Richard Meighen (died 1641), London publisher
  • Theodore Meighen (1905–1979), Canadian lawyer and philanthropist and the son of Arthur and Isabel Meighen

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  • Meehan, another variation of the surname
  • McMeekin, a usually Scottish variation of the surname
  • Megan, a Welsh given name that has variants Meaghan and Meighan

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