Melkus RS 1000

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Melkus RS 1000
Melkus RS 1000 - P1060905.JPG
Melkus RS 1000
Manufacturer Melkus
Production 1969 – 1979
Assembly Dresden
Designer Heinz Melkus
Body and chassis
Class Sports car
Body style Coupé
Layout Mid engine, rear wheel drive
Platform Wartburg 353
Related Wartburg 353
Engine AWE353/1
(992 cm3, 51 kW)
Transmission 5-speed manual
Propulsion Tyres
Wheelbase 2450 mm
Length 4000 mm
Width 1700 mm
Height 1070 mm
Kerb weight 690 kg
Predecessor none
Successor none
Melkus RS 1000
gull-wing doors
rear view

Melkus RS 1000 is a sports car produced by Melkus. It is a sleek sports car powered by a tuned mid-mounted 3-cylinder 2-stroke 992 cm3 engine similar to the one in the Wartburg 353. It has gull-wing doors. 101 cars were made between 1969 and 1979 in the Dresden factory.

Technical description[edit]

The chassis is a traditional ladder frame with a roll bar integrated into the windscreen frame and behind the driver. The RS 1000 has independent front and rear suspension, coil springs, stabilisers and drum brakes. The gearbox is a manual 5-speed; the clutch is the same as in the Barkas B 1000. A water-cooled 992 cm3 AWE353/1 engine is being used. Unlike the Wartburg engine, it has three carburettors instead of only one and a higher compression ratio. Therefore it produces 51 kW at 4500 min-1 and gives a maximum torque of 118 N·m at 3500 min-1. Fibreglass was used as the body material. The top speed is 165 km/h.[1]

After the Wende[edit]

The RS 1000 did not have an immediate successor. However, in time for the 50 year jubilee a limited series of 15 RS 1000 have been made.[2] The first sports car of this series was presented on November 26, 2006. In 2009, the production of the indirect successor, the Melkus RS 2000 began. The production was halted in 2012 when Melkus registered as insolvent.[3]

A Melkus RS 1000 is featured in the music video for ATC's 2000 hit, Around the World.


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