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Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Lo-fi, alternative rock, experimental
Years active 1999–present
Labels Independent, Columbia, 3E
Associated acts Big Black Delta
Members Jonathan Bates (vocals/bass)
Tony DeMatteo (guitar)
Brian Borg (drums)
Past members Greg Griffith (bass)
Ian Winans (vocalist)
Cami Gutierrez (bass/keyboards)
Scot Ellis (drums)

Mellowdrone is a rock band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1999.[1]


Mellowdrone originated as Jonathan Bates' solo project, but expanded to a full band with Tony DeMatteo (guitar and keyboard), and Brian Borg (drums). Other members of the band included Scott Ellis on drums and Greg Griffith on bass.[2] The band's music encompasses a range of styles from lo-fi, indie rock and experimental.[3]

Their debut album, Box, was released in 2006 on Columbia Records.[4] Their follow-up, Angry Bear, was released in 2009 on Coming Home Records.[5]

Mellowdrone's music has appeared on several television shows, including Project Runway, Six Feet Under, and Cane.[6] "C'Mon Try A Little Bit" was featured in the opening scene of Driv3r. Their song "Oh My" was featured on the FIFA 07 soundtrack and the horror movie Prom Night. "Fashionably Uninvited" was included in the soundtrack for the 2007 film The Invisible.[7] "Orange Marmalade" was featured in the 2008 film Never Back Down and in the film Fling. "Beautiful Day" was featured on Project Gotham Racing 2.

After becoming frustrated with the logistics of a full band, Jonathan Bates began a solo project in 2010, dubbed Big Black Delta.[8] He has also played as a touring musician for M83.[9] Former member Camila Gutierrez (Camila Grey) is now a part of the indie electropop band Uh Huh Her.[10]


...Boredom Never Sounded So Sweet[edit]

  1. [48-17-6]
  2. Ride (Finish Me Off)
  3. Bitelip
  4. My First Love Song
  5. Monsters
  6. Justine
  7. Spoiled Boy
  8. Happy Together


  1. Fall On Your Knees
  2. You And I
  3. Glassblower
  4. It All Makes Sense Now
  5. #3

A Demonstration of Intellectual Property[edit]

  1. Tinylittle
  2. Fashionably Uninvited
  3. And Repeat
  4. No More Options
  5. Ridealong
  6. Beautiful Day
  7. Bitelip

Go Get 'em Tiger[edit]

  1. Bonemarrow
  2. Worst Song Ever
  3. Motivation
  4. I'm Too Young
  5. Pretty Boy
  6. Anglophile


  1. C'Mon Try A Little Bit
  2. Oh My
  3. Four Leaf Clover
  4. Fashionably Uninvited
  5. Beautiful Day
  6. Fuck It Man
  7. Whatever The Deal
  8. Madison
  9. And Repeat
  10. Orange Marmalade
  11. Amazing
  12. Bone Marrow
  13. Limb To Limb

Maquina 7"[edit]

  1. Maquina
  2. Machine (En Espanol)
  3. Settle the Hum (B-Side)
  4. Wouldn't Mind (B-Side)

Angry Bear[edit]

  1. Wherever You May Go
  2. Elephant
  3. Alone=In Your Face
  4. Esmeralda
  5. Big Winner
  6. Sugar
  7. Drinking Song
  8. Lady in Her Underwear
  9. Logged Hours
  10. Button
  11. Jumping Off the Pier
  12. DMT


  1. I Don't Believe It
  2. Way Out


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