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Melvin Small (born March 14, 1939 in New York City) is a distinguished professor of history emeritus at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan after receiving his BA from Dartmouth College. Over the past two decades he has concentrated his research and writing on the postwar era, with an emphasis on the Vietnam War, the antiwar movement, and Presidents Johnson and Nixon. A historian of U.S. diplomacy, his special interest has always been in the relationships between public opinion, domestic politics and foreign policy, a subject reflected in his recent monographs as well as several theoretical articles. He was a co-investigator on the quantitative IR project, the Correlates of War, a restaurant reviewer for the Metro Times, WSU's NCAA faculty advisor, and department chair.

A former president of the Peace History Society, Small has written the award-winning Johnson, Nixon and the Doves (1988), Democracy and Diplomacy (1996), The Presidency of Richard Nixon (1999), Antiwarriors (2002), and At the Water's Edge (2005), among other books.[1]


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