Men from Earth

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Men from Earth
Studio album by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Released September 1976
Genre Country rock/Southern rock
Label A&M
Producer David Anderle
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils chronology
The Car Over the Lake Album
Men from Earth
Don't Look Down

Men from Earth is the fourth album by the Country rock/Southern rock band The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Founding band member Randle Chowning left to go solo after The Car Over The Lake Album and was replaced by Rune Walle in time for "Men From Earth". The album includes a pair of standout Larry Lee tunes, the romantic "You Know Like I Know" and the hard-country "Homemade Wine". As their previous album had contained an EP called The Little Red Record, this release featured the even rarer The Little Red Record 2 that contained two additional songs: "Roscoe's Rule" and "A Dollar's Worth Of Regular". These two tracks were included in the 2002 CD release of the album, along with "Better Days", which had only been released as the B side of their "Jackie Blue" single in late 1974.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Fly Away Home" (John Dillon)
  2. "You Know Like I Know" (Larry Lee)
  3. "Breakaway (From Those Chains)" (John Dillon)
  4. "The Red Plum" (Steve Cash & John Dillon)
  5. "Mountain Range" (John Dillon)
  6. "Watermill" (Steve Cash & John Dillon)
  7. "Noah" (John Dillon)
  8. "It's How You Think" (Larry Lee)
  9. "Arroyo" (Steve Cash)
  10. "Homemade Wine" (Larry Lee)


Sidemen from Earth:

  • Bill Jones - Horns, Flutes& Synthesizer
  • Randle Chowning - Guitars & Vocals
  • Steve Canaday - Drums & Fair Witness
  • Connie Canaday - Vocals
  • Bean - Definition of Pachuco
  • Bobbye Hall - Congas & Percussion
  • Jerry Mills - Mandolin


  • Quadrofonic Sound Studios. Nashville, Tennessee
  • American Artist Studio. Springfield, Missouri
  • Caribou Ranch. Nederland, Colo.
  • Engineered and mized by: Marty Lewis
  • Mixed: at Caribou Ranch
  • Mastered: at Mastering Lab. Los Angeles, California
  • Produced by: David Anderle
  • Art Direction: Roland Young
  • Design: Junie Osaki
  • Photography: Jim Mayfield
  • Cover Photograph: Clarence & Roscoe Jones, taken June 1976