Mencía Calderón

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Mencía Calderón Ocampo
Adelantada of the New World
Calderon (escudo de armas).png
Coat of Arms belonging to his paternal surname
Born 1514
Extremadura, Spain
Died c.1564
Asuncion, Paraguay
Spouse(s) Juan de Sanabria y Alonso de Hinojosa
Religion Roman Catholic

Mencía Calderón (1514-1564?) was a Spanish noble lady, first expeditionary woman in the Río de la Plata.[1]


Mencia was born in Villa de Medellín, Badajoz (Spain) daughter of Alonso Calderón and Ana Ocampo, belonging to a noble family of Extremadura. She was married to Juan de Sanabria, a noble Spanish expeditionary who died shortly before leaving for New Spain.[2]

In April 10, 1550, Mencía Calderón embarked for Americas with a group of hundred marriageable maidens. In the expedition Calderón was accompanied by three daughters, and a contingent of eighty sailors.[3] In 1553, Mencía and the rest of the crew were shipwrecked on the coast of Brazil, place from where they left to Asunción.[4]

Through his mother, Mencía Calderón, was related to Francisco Pizarro and Hernán Cortés, belonging to noble Castilian families.[5]


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