Mends Street Jetty

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Mends Street Jetty
Transperth Mends Street Jetty.jpg
Location South Perth Esplanade, South Perth
Owned by Public Transport Authority
Operated by Transperth
Platforms 1 jetty
Other information
Fare zone 1

Mends Street Jetty is located in South Perth in Western Australia. The jetty is on the southern shore of the Swan River in the section known as Perth Water. The ferry service is primarily used for accessing the Perth Zoo from the CBD.


It is unknown when the first jetty at Mends Street was built, however, with the opening of the Perth Zoo in October 1898 it was recognised that a regular cross-river ferry service was needed.[1] Therefore, at about that time, the existing jetty was widened to 15 feet and an existing service which ran between William Street and Queen Street Jetty[2] was extended to Mends Street.

The service was run by Joseph Charles who operated the Queen (later Empress) and the Princess. A few months later, Charles and his partner S. W. Copley started operating the PS Duchess, a locally constructed vessel. Duchess made its inaugural run to Mends Street Jetty on 11 December 1898, and plied the route for the following 29 years.[3][4]

Later services included a business operated by Jack Olsen and Claes Sutton who ran a fleet including the Valfreda, Valkyrie I and II, Valhalla and the Valdhana between jetties at Point Belches near The Narrows, Mends Street and Coode Street.


The Perth, Mends Street Jetty in 1939

Mends Street Jetty is served by Transperth ferry services to Elizabeth Quay operated by Captain Cook Cruises.

Ferry Route Destination / Description
[99998] Mends Street Jetty
to Elizabeth Quay Jetty

The jetty is also used for charter ferry services.


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