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""Rip the Wreck"/"Merry""
A closeup of the legs and arms of a person seated wearing a leather jacket, jeans, and unlaced sneakers holding a cigarette. The cover is bright yellow and has "homemade sister" written in a thick border along the top.
The single was issued with bright yellow and bright green covers
Single by Magnapop
A-side "Rip the Wreck"
B-side "Merry"
Released 1990 (1990)
Format 7"
Recorded 1990, Furies Studios, Marietta, Georgia, United States
Genre Pop punk
Length 5:12
Label Safety Net
Writer(s) Linda Hopper, Ruthie Morris
Producer(s) Ed Burdell
Magnapop singles chronology
"Rip the Wreck"/"Merry"
A photograph of two Jack O'Lanterns—the one to the left with jagged teeth and a furrowed brow, the other with a smile and large doe eyes—on a dark background with the word "magnapop" written in blue along the top left corner.
The cover is identical to the band's debut album Magnapop
Single by Magnapop
A-side "Merry"
B-side "Complicated"
Released 1992 (1992)
Format 7"
Recorded December 1990, John Keane Studio, Atlanta, Georgia
Genre Pop punk
Length 4:58
Label Solid
Writer(s) Linda Hopper, Ruthie Morris
Producer(s) Michael Stipe
Magnapop singles chronology
"Rip the Wreck"/"Merry"
"Slowly, Slowly"

"Merry" is a song by American power pop band Magnapop. It was initially released in 1990 as the B-side to a 7" through Safety Net Records (catalogue number NET 17) under the band's original name of Homemade Sister. The song was re-recorded and released again on the EP Sugarland as well as the band's self-titled debut album in 1992 on Solid Records (527.9013.40.)

A live acoustic recording of the song from June 7, 1992, was released on the EP Big Bright Cherry as well as the special edition of the studio album Hot Boxing.

NME described the second recording as "a sublime piece of pop supremacy"[1] and James Sullivan, writing for Addicted to Noise in 1996 declared it one of the group's finest songs.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Linda Hopper and Ruthie Morris

1990 release
  1. "Rip the Wreck" – 2:45
  2. "Merry" – 2:27
1992 release
  1. "Merry" – 3:05
  2. "Complicated" – 1:53


Production staff
  • Bill Ashton – engineering (original release)
  • Ed Burdell – production (original release)
  • Cathy Carmichael – photography (original release)
  • Michael Stipe – production (later release)
  • Gina Tackett – photography (original release)


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