Message (Mongol800 album)

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Message (Mongol800 album).jpg
Studio album by Mongol800
Released September 16, 2001
Genre punk rock, indies, ska punk, j-pop
Label High Wave, Tissue Freak Records
Producer Mongol 800
Mongol800 chronology
百々: Momo

Message is the second album released on 2001 by the Okinawa band Mongol800.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Anata ni (あなたに / To You)
  2. Song for You
  3. Chiisana Koi no Uta (小さな恋のうた / A Small Love Song)
  4. Melody
  5. Tsuki Akari no Shita de (月灯りの下で / Under the Moonlight)
  6. For Life
  7. Oyashirazu -Summer Again- (親知らず-Summer Again-/ Wisdom -Summer Again-)
  8. HEY Mommy
  9. Marriage Blue
  10. Mujun no Ue ni Saku Hana (矛盾の上に咲く花 / Flowers Bloom on Contradiction)
  11. Ryuukyuu Aika (琉球愛歌 / Okinawan Love Song)
  12. Dear My Lovers
  13. Yume Kanau (夢叶う / Dreams Come True)
  14. Dandelion