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Messiah were a British techno/acid house duo formed in London in 1988 by members Mark Davies and Ali Ghani.[1] Known for their heavy use of sampling quotes from films, melodic female vocals, and aggressive synthesizer lines, the group released two full-length albums and several singles during the 1990s.



  • 21st Century Jesus (1993, Warner Music UK; American Recordings US)
  • Messiah Presents Progenitor (1997, Thirsty Ear)


  • "20,000 Hardcore Members" (1991, Kickin Records)
  • "Prince of Darkness"/"I Am Evil" (1991, Deja Vu Recordings)
  • "Temple of Dreams" (1992, Kickin Records)
  • "There is No Law" (1992, Kickin Records)
  • "I Feel Love" (1992, Kickin Records)
  • "Thunderdome" (1993, WEA)
  • "Sway" (1996, Some Bizzare)
  • "Let Tyrants Tremble" (1997, Some Bizzare)
  • "Meditator" (1997, Thirsty Ear)


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