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Teräsbetoni Metallitotuus.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedApril 6, 2005
RecordedJanuary 2005
GenrePower metal, heavy metal
LabelWarner Music Finland
ProducerAnssi Kippo
Teräsbetoni chronology
Vaadimme metallia

Metallitotuus (English: Metal Truth) is the debut album by Finnish heavy metal band Teräsbetoni.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Teräsbetoni – 5:54 ('Reinforced Concrete'. The might and superiority of the Brotherhood.)
  2. Älä kerro meille – 3:29 ('Don't Tell Us'. The resolve and bloody life of the Brotherhood.)
  3. Taivas lyö tulta – 3:21 ('Sky Strikes Fire'. Praise of the Brotherhood; exuberant almost to the point of incoherence.)
  4. Vahva kuin metalli – 3:02 ('Strong as Metal'. The resolve, bloody life and divine favor of the Brotherhood.)
  5. Silmä silmästä – 3:41 ('Eye for an Eye'. Betrayal and vengeance.)
  6. Metallisydän – 5:27 ('Metal Heart'. The solitude and resolve of a lone warrior.)
  7. Orjatar – 3:11 ('Slavewoman'. The pleasure slave of a warrior.)
  8. Tuonelaan – 3:33 ('To the Underworld'. Assassination and post-mortem vengeance.)
  9. Metallitotuus – 4:30 ('Metal Truth'. The values and conquests of the Brotherhood.)
  10. Voittamaton – 3:50 ('Invincible'. The might and perseverance of the Brotherhood.)
  11. Teräksen varjo – 4:32 ('Shadow of Steel'. Riding into battle.)
  12. Maljanne nostakaa – 6:05 ('Raise Your Cup'. Rest and reflection after a battle.)