Metasequoia (software)

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Developer(s) Osamu Mizuno
Stable release
4.6.5 / January 10, 2018 (2018-01-10)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type 3D computer graphics
License shareware, freeware

Metasequoia is 3D polygon modeling software created by Osamu Mizuno for 3D computer graphics, frequently abbreviated as "Metaseq" or "Meta." It is a patch and poly modeler. Metasequoia is one of two 3D import formats for the software ComiPo, which creates drag and drop comics with 3D objects rendering them to look like 2D.[1]

An anime-styled sweeping maid made with Metasequoia

Version 4 provides 64 bit installation, armature, n-gon support, bridge, fill hole, fillet, ambient occlusion, measure length/angle/thickness, unit display, real time shadow, exports and imports fbx/ply, and imports dae. Version 3 provides 32 bit installation, modeler and uv painting, format used for ComiPo import.


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