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Gender Masculine
Language(s) Turkish
Language(s) Turkish
Word/name "mete"
Derivation "mete"
Meaning "brave", "galahad", "hero", "valiant", "gallant"
Other names
Cognate(s) Bahadır
See also Baghatur

Mete is a common masculine Turkish given name. In Turkish, "Mete" means "brave", "galahad", "hero", "valiant", and/or "gallant".

Mete is a deformed version of "Mo - du" which is the regnal name of Modu Chanyu who was the founder of Xiongnu Empire. Mete is considered one of the first known Turkish rulers in the history and the name is used in memory of him. Appropriate Turkish reading of "Mo - du" is "Baghatur". Baghatur is also used as a masculine given name by Turkish people as Bahadır, Batur, and as in other cognate forms.



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