Method Man (film)

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Method Man
Directed by Jimmy Shaw
Produced by Jimmy Shaw
Starring Peter Chen Lau
Chan Wai Lau
Fei Lung
Casanova Wong
Kwok Chu Wong
Release dates
Running time
94 min.

Method Man, AKA The Fearless Young Boxer, AKA "Avenging Boxer"[1] is a martial arts film directed by Jimmy Shaw starring Casanova Wong.


Wu Pa Feng (Casanova Wong) kills one of his former gang members (Fei Lung) in a duel. Before the duel Fei Lung gives his son Shao Lung (Peter Chen) a golden plate that the gang is looking for. Shao Lung joins his uncles' travelling kung fu show to improve his fighting skills and escape the gang of killers.


  • Peter Chen Lau—Shao Lung
  • Chen Wai Lau—Uncle
  • Fei Lung—Shao’s father
  • Casanova Wong—Wu Pa Fong


Rapper Method Man got the name from this film. Method Man was given the name Method Man by RZA because he smoked a lot of marijuana and Method is another term for marijuana. This is described in the book The Wu-Tang Manual.


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