Method Man (film)

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Method Man
Directed by Jimmy Shaw
Produced by Jimmy Shaw
Starring Peter Chen Lau
Chan Wai Lau
Fei Lung
Casanova Wong
Kwok Chu Wong
Release date
  • 1979 (1979)
Running time
94 minutes

Method Man, a.k.a. The Fearless Young Boxer and "Avenging Boxer"[1] is a martial arts film directed by Jimmy Shaw starring Casanova Wong.


Wu Pa Feng (Casanova Wong) kills one of his former gang members (Fei Lung) in a duel. Before the duel Fei Lung gives his son Shao Lung (Peter Chen) a golden plate that the gang is looking for. Shao Lung joins his uncles' travelling kung fu show to improve his fighting skills and escape the gang of killers.


  • Peter Chen Lau as Shao Lung
  • Chen Wai Lau as Uncle
  • Fei Lung as Shao's father
  • Casanova Wong as Wu Pa Fong


Rapper Method Man got the name from this film. He was given that name by RZA, because he smoked a lot of Dust ("method" being a slang term for Dust, itself a contraction of Angel dust). This is described in the book The Wu-Tang Manual.


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