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Metric or metrical may refer to:

  • Metric system, an internationally adopted decimal system of measurement
  • An adjective indicating relation to measurement in general, or a noun describing a specific type of measurement


In mathematics, metric may refer to one of two related, but distinct concepts:

  • A function which measures distance between two points in a metric space
  • A metric tensor, in differential geometry, which allows defining lengths of curves, angles, and distances in a manifold

Natural sciences[edit]

  • Metric tensor (general relativity), the fundamental object of study in general relativity, similar to the gravitational field in Newtonian physics
  • Senses related to measurement:
  • METRIC, a model that uses Landsat satellite data to compute and map evapotranspiration (ET) in climatology/meteorology

Engineering and business[edit]

The word metric is often used to mean a descriptive statistic, indicator, or figure of merit used to describe or measure something quantitatively, including:


  • Alex Metric (born 1984), British musician, DJ and producer
  • Metric (band), a Canadian rock band founded in Toronto, Ontario

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