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Metro Screen was a Paddington, Sydney based not-for-profit film, television and digital media training organisation. It was the NSW member of Screen Development Australia (SDA) and was located in the Paddington Town Hall, Cnr Oxford St & Oatley Rd, Paddington. Other members include Open Channel (Vic), QPIX (Qld), Media Resource Centre (SA), Wide Angle Tasmania (Tas), and FTI (WA).

It began in 1981 and closed in December 2015 and was originally known as The Paddington Video Access Centre. During the eighties "Metro" was instrumental in developing community access to video and television production through training, productions and capital investment in equipment and facilities. In the late eighties Metro organised the community television trials and was a key organisational player in the establishment of Sydney's community television station Television Sydney.[1] It received funding from Screen NSW.

Films recently developed by Metro Screen include:

Year Title Producer
2011 "Burrowed Frowns" Thomas Wright
2011 "Grand Design" Samuel Bartlett
2011 "I Spy" Samuel Faull
2011 "This Dog's Life" Jo-Anne Brechin
2010 "Gone" Josh Mawer
2010 "Abbie" Erin Good
2010 "Sal" Benjamin Brink
2010 "The Burnt Cork" Alexandra Edmondson
2009 "Barton the Ghost Catcher" Roy Weiland
2009 "Francis and Annie" Genevieve Clay
2009 "Hinterland" Sam McKeith
2009 "Rebel Wessex" Sarah-Mace Dennis
2008 “Butterfingers” Paul Searles
2008 “Homecoming” Ngaire O'Leary
2008 “Body Dysmorphic” Daren Nair
2008 “The Last Cherry” Lisa Kowalski
2007 "Glory" Donna Chang


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