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Metrologic Instruments is an automated identification and data capture (AIDC) company headquartered in Blackwood, New Jersey.[1]

Metrologic Instruments designs, manufactures and markets bar code decoding hardware, adaptive optical solutions and high-speed image processing software.

Metrologic Instruments is a Division of Honeywell, with more than 20 sales and manufacturing sites in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Russia. Honeywell acquired Metrologic in July 2008.[2]

Founded in 1968 by C. Harry Knowles, Metrologic Instruments initially concentrated on the manufacture of helium–neon laser kits for academic instruction.[1] These kits were sold to physics teachers throughout the United States.

Then in 1975, after breakthroughs in bar coding technology, Metrologic Instruments developed the world’s first hand-held helium–neon laser bar code scanner. These scanners helped merchants process bar-coded merchandise.[1]

Today, Metrologic Instruments manufactures over 40 different types of bar code scanners used by retailers, healthcare professionals, postal services and distribution companies around the world.

These bar code scanners utilize a broad array of technology including laser, holographic, vision-based and radio-frequency identification (RFID).

As of 2006, Metrologic Instruments had over 350 registered patents with approximately another 130 patents pending.

Metrologic world-firsts[edit]

1969 Metrologic introduces helium–neon laser hobby kits

1975 Metrologic introduces hand-held retail laser scanner

1976 Metrologic introduces programmable bar code verifier

1982 Metrologic introduces hand-held laser scanner with built-in decoder

1990 Metrologic introduces triggerless hand-held laser scanner

1993 Metrologic introduces triggerless wearable laser scanner

1996 Metrologic uses holographic technology in industrial applications

2000 Metrologic introduces CodeGate data transmission technology

2002 Metrologic introduces laser-illuminated imaging

Metrologic milestones[edit]

1968 Metrologic founded by laser technology pioneer C. Harry Knowles

1970 Metrologic begins selling helium neon instructional laser kits to high school and college science teachers.

1986 Metrologic opens first overseas office in Garching, Germany

1992 Metrologic hires Kevin DiPlacido to the Engineering dept. Kevin helped make the MS-7100 Orbit the great scanner it was.

1994 Metrologic’s Initial Public Offering

1998 Metrologic opens regional office in Singapore

1998 R&D and manufacturing center established in Suzhou, China

2001 Surpassed $100 million in annual sales

2003 Metrologic Japan established

2004 Metrologic Russia established

2004 Metrologic surpasses $150 million in annual sales

2004 Metrologic acquires Omniplanar, Inc. for $13 million and names Garrett Russell the General Manager of the division.

2004 Metrologic registered patents surpass 250s

2005 Metrologic surpasses $200 million in annual sales

2008 Shawn DeFoney leaves Metrologic.

2008 Metrologic Acquired by Honeywell

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