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The Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council sometimes called "MetroLEC," is a regional mutual aid facilitator formed by 45 police agencies in the area near Boston, Massachusetts. It pools resources to provide SWAT, canine, hostage negotiation, computer crimes, motorcycle and other units throughout the area.[1]

Agencies that belong to MetroLEC include:[2]

MetroLEC claims it is a private organization. It does not have a web site. The group was established sometime before 2004.[3] Richard Stillman, the Walpole chief of police served as the group's president for ten years.[3] By 2017, Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz was the group's leader.[4]

Its fleet includes at least one armored car and a mobile command post.[1] Press reports indicated that in 2016 it used its SWAT unit twenty-six times.[4]


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