Mexicali Rose

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"Mexicali Rose"
Song by Bing Crosby
Published 1923
Genre Popular music
Writer(s) Composer: Jack Tenney
Lyricist: Helen Stone

"Mexicali Rose" is a popular song with music by Jack Tenney and lyrics by Helen Stone, published in 1923. The song is a love story of a man who must leave his love for a while. The chorus:

Mexicali Rose, stop crying;
I'll come back to you some sunny day.
Ev'ry night you'll know that I'll be pining,
Ev'ry hour a year while I'm away,
Dry those big brown eyes and smile, dear,
Banish all those tears and please don't sigh,
Kiss me once again and hold me;
Mexicali Rose goodbye.
Rosa de Mexicali no llores;
Piensa que muy pronto volveré,
Y que siempre triste sin consuelo,
Cada noche y dia yo pasaré,
Seca tus hermosos ojos,
Deja de llorar y suspirar.
Bésame otra vez y estréchame;
Rosa de Mexicali, adios.
Helen Stone[1] Manuel Sanchs De Lara (trans)[1]

The song has become a pop standard, performed by many artists, including Bing Crosby, Gene Autry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Harry James and Jim Reeves.


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