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Michael E. Gerber (born June 20, 1936)[1] is an American author and founder of Michael E. Gerber Companies, a business skills training company based in Carlsbad, California.

Early life[edit]

Born June 20, 1936, in Elizabeth, NJ; son of Harry Gerber (a furniture salesman) and Helen Gary Gerber Aaron (a homemaker); married first wife, Ilene (a partner and shareholder in E-Myth Worldwide), 1985 (marriage ended); married Luz Delia in 2006. Nationality: American


The E-Myth (1986) ASIN B004KIC420

Power Point (1992) ISBN 978-0-88730-536-8

The E-Myth Revisited (1995) ISBN 978-0-88730-728-7

The E-Myth Manager (1998) ISBN 978-0-88730-959-5

The E-Myth Contractor (2003) ISBN 978-0-06-093846-8

The E-Myth Physician (2003) ISBN 978-0-06-093840-6

E-Myth Mastery (2005) ISBN 978-0-06-072323-1

Awakening the Entrepreneur Within (2008) ISBN 978-0-06-156814-5

The E-Myth Enterprise (2009) ISBN 978-0-06-173369-7

The Most Successful Small Business in The World (2010) ISBN 978-0-470-50362-1

Co-Authored E-Myth Vertical Series[edit]

The E-Myth Attorney (2010) ISBN 978-0-470-50365-2

The E-Myth Accountant (2011) ISBN 978-0-470-50366-9

The E-Myth Optometrist (2011) ISBN 978-0-9835001-1-7

The E-Myth Chiropractor (2011) ISBN 978-0-9835001-3-1

The E-Myth Financial Advisor (2011) ISBN 978-0-9835001-5-5

The E-Myth Landscape Contractor (2011) ISBN 978-0-9835001-7-9

The E-Myth Architect (2012) ISBN 978-0-9835001-9-3

The E-Myth Real Estate Brokerage (2012) ISBN 978-0-9835542-9-5

The E-Myth Insurance Store (2013) ISBN 978-1-61835-008-4

The E-Myth Dentist (2014) ISBN 978-1-61835-025-1

The E-Myth Nutritionist (2014) ISBN 978-1-61835-029-9

The E-Myth Bookkeeper (2014) ISBN 978-1-61835-014-5


ADDRESS: Home Carlsbad, CA.

CAREER: E-Myth Worldwide (business coaching firm), Santa Rosa, CA, founder and chief executive officer, 1977-2005; Michael E. Gerber Companies, Inc., co-founder, 2005 with partner Luz Delia Gerber.


Named World's Number One Small Business Guru, Inc. Magazine; and Lifetime Achievement Award, National Academy of Bestselling Authors, 2010.


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