Michael Ingham (bishop)

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The Right Reverend
Michael Ingham
8th Anglican Bishop of New Westminster
Michael Ingham bishop.jpg
Ingham in 2009
Church Anglican Church of Canada
Province British Columbia and Yukon
Diocese New Westminster
Installed January 9, 1994
Term ended August 31, 2013
Predecessor Douglas Hambidge
Successor Melissa M. Skelton
Ordination 1974
Consecration 1994
Personal details
Born 1949 (age 68–69)
Yorkshire, England

Michael Ingham (born 1949 in Yorkshire) is a retired bishop, theologian in the Anglican Church of Canada. From January 9, 1994 to August 31, 2013, he was the eighth Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster of the Anglican Church of Canada, located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.[1][2]

Ingham studied at the University of Edinburgh, where he received a master's degree in politics and philosophy, and a Bachelor of Divinity degree. Subsequently, he undertook postgraduate studies at Harvard University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1974, Ingham was ordained in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, and served in parishes there and in the Diocese of New Westminster before serving as principal secretary to the then-Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, Michael Peers.

In 1992, Ingham returned to Vancouver to serve as the Rector of Christ Church Cathedral and Dean of New Westminster, before being elected Bishop of New Westminster in 1994. Ingham is the author of two books, Rites for a New Age, an introduction to the Book of Alternative Services, and Mansions of the Spirit, focusing on interfaith dialogue. Ingham has been actively involved in inter-religious cooperation as an active member of the United Religions Initiative.

Ingham has been the subject of extensive media focus due to his diocese's decision in 2002 to institute the blessing of same-sex unions, which has sparked controversy within the Anglican Communion.

Published works[edit]

  • Ingham, Michael (1986). Rites for a New Age: Understanding the Book of Alternative Services. Toronto: ABC Publishing. ISBN 978-0-919891-52-4. 
  • — (1997). Mansions of the Spirit: The Gospel in a Multi-Faith World. Toronto: ABC Publishing. ISBN 978-1-55126-185-0. 

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