Michael Jay Moon

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Michael Jay Moon
Occupation(s)Co-founder and CEO of GISTICS Inc.
Notable workFirebrands: Building Brand Loyalty in the Internet Age

Michael Jay Moon is the co-author of Firebrands: Building Brand Loyalty in the Internet Age, as well as the co-founder and CEO of the consulting and research company GISTICS Inc.


Moon was a contributing editor for Morph’s Outpost from 1993-1995, launching the magazine and writing a monthly column.[1] A technical publication on emerging multimedia design technology, it was based on the design of '60s underground newspapers.[2][3] He was a blogger for Customer Engagement Agencies, DAM for Marketing and Engagement Marketspace.[4] In 2000, he co-authored Firebrands: Building Brand Loyalty in the Internet Age with Doug Millison.[5] The book is now available in 13 languages.[6]


Michael Jay Moon, Doug Millison, Firebrands: Building Brand Loyalty in the Internet Age, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media, 2000[7]

GISTICS Inc.[edit]

Moon began his career in Silicon Valley at the microcomputer company IMS Associates, Inc. in 1978, working in marketing and business development roles.[8] He went on to work with Regis McKenna at Regis McKenna, Inc., working on the advertising accounts of Apple, Intel, and Microfocus.[9] He founded his first marketing and communications agency, Michael Moon Associates, in 1981.[10][11]

After working at various Silicon Valley market research firms, Moon co-founded the Oakland-based GISTICS Inc. in 1987 as a research firm exploring the deployment of new technology, and serves as its president and CEO.[12][13] Since 1991 it has focused almost exclusively on digital media and marketing automation.[14] GISTICS researches emerging technologies and provides recommendations for companies to apply them to business and marketing applications.[15][16] GISTICS also explores emerging trends in social media, and how technology companies can apply them as part of their market entry strategy.[17]

Awards and associations[edit]

In January 1999, Chief Executive Magazine featured Moon in the magazine’s “Technology Gurus” article.[18] He also serves on the advisory board of The Vasconcellos Project, a group created to carry the vision of former Silicon Valley legislator John Vasconcellos.[19]


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